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What is Boron Trifluoride?

Boron trifluoride is the inorganic compound with the formula BF3. This pungent colourless toxic gas forms white fumes in moist air. It is a useful Lewis acid and a versatile building block for other boron compounds.   The geometry of a molecule of BF

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Hydrogen cyanide is decidedly alarming due to its toxic/asphyxiating furnishings which baffle with the accustomed use of oxygen by about every agency of the body.Exposure to low concentrations of amid 20 to 40 locations per actor (ppm) may could caus

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Iso-pentane Uses

Isopentane is used in a closed loop in geothermal power production to drive turbines.Isopentane is used, in conjunction with dry ice or liquid nitrogen, to freeze tissues for cryosectioning in histology.   Isopentane, C5H12, also called methylbutane

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What is Ammonium fluoride?

Ammonium fluoride is the asleep admixture with the blueprint NH4F. It crystallizes as baby colourless prisms, accepting a aciculate acrid taste, and is awfully acrid in water.   Ammonium fluoride adopts the wurtzite clear structure, in which both the

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Hexafluoroacetone Uses

Hexafluoroacetone is a chemical compound with the formula CF3-CO-CF3. It is structurally similar to acetone, however its reactivity is markedly different. It comes in the form of a colourless, hygroscopic, nonflammable, highly reactive gas characteri

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