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Hexafluoroacetone Uses

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  Hexafluoroacetone is a chemical compound with the formula CF3-CO-CF3. It is structurally similar to acetone, however its reactivity is markedly different. It comes in the form of a colourless, hygroscopic, nonflammable, highly reactive gas characterized by a musty odour.The most common form of this substance is hexafluoroacetone sesquihydrate (1.5 H2O), which is a geminal diol.

  Hexafluoroacetone is mostly employed in organic synthesis, but it is also the main chemical intermediate used in the production of hexafluoroisopropanol, as well as polymethyl methacrylates and polyesters for textile coating.

  Hexafluoroacetone can be employed as a solvent for acetal resins, polyamides, polyglycolide, polyacetals, and polyols or as a polymer adhesive. Hexafluoroacetone is used in the synthesis of the sedative drug midaflur.