Hexafluoroacetone Trihydrate(HFA·3H2O)

Hexafluoroacetone Trihydrate(HFA·3H2O)

Product name:Hexafluoroacetone Trihydrate(HFA·3H2O)


Molecular Formula:C3H6F6O4

Molecular Weight:220.07g/mol

Description:Hexafluoroacetone trihydrate ( HFA·3H2O ) is used as a building block in organic synthesis to produce various chemicals . It can be used to produce high quality medicines such as Mifepristone, an antagonist of progestogen on the receptor level. It can also be used to produce Bisphenol AF, a crosslinker for fluoroelastomers and various high-end fluorinated products such as fluorinated polyimines,etc.


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