Applications of Barium Fluoride

  Barium fluoride is cellophane from the ultraviolet to the infrared, from 150–200 nm to 11–11.5 µm, and can be acclimated as a actual to accomplish optical apparatus such as lenses. It is acclimated in windows for bittersweet spectroscopy, in accurate in the acreage of ammunition oil analysis. Its transmittance at 200 nm is almost low (0.60), but at 500 nm it goes up to 0.96–0.97 and stays at that akin until 9 µm, again it starts falling off (0.85 for 10 µm and 0.42 for 12 µm). The refractive basis is about 1.46 from 700 nm to 5 µm.
  Barium fluoride is aswell a common, actual fast (one of the fastest) scintillators for the apprehension of X-rays, gamma application or added top activity particles. One of its applications is the apprehension of 511 keV gamma photons in positron discharge tomography. It responds aswell to alpha and beta particles, but, clashing a lot of scintillators, it does not afterglow in ultraviolet light.It can be aswell acclimated for apprehension of high-energy (10–150 MeV) neutrons, and use beating appearance bigotry techniques to abstracted them from accompanying occurring gamma photons.
  When acrimonious to 500 °C, it gets breakable by water, but in dry environments it can be acclimated up to 800 °C. Prolonged acknowledgment to damp degrades manual in the exhaustion UV range. It is beneath aggressive to baptize than calcium fluoride, but is the a lot of aggressive of all the optical fluorides to high-energy radiation, admitting its far ultraviolet transmittance is lower than theirs. It is absolutely hard, actual acute to thermal shock and fractures absolutely easily.