What is Potassium Fluosilicate

Potassium Fluosilicate is white crystals or powder, odorless, tasteless and weak acidic and have toxic. The density of hexagonal crystal is 3.08.It is hygroscopic.It is slightly soluble in water, soluble in hydrochloric acid. Its solubility is slightly higher as the temperature gets higher.
It is decomposed by heat to form Potassium Fluosilicate and silicon tetrafluoride(SiF4). It is hydrolyzed in hot water to form Potassium Fluosilicate,hydrogen fluoride(HF) and silicate acid(H2SiO3).
It is used as wood preservation,ceramics made,metallurgy of aluminium and magnesium, and to manufacture optical glass as kalium glass. It is also used to prepare synthetic mica and antisepsis.