How does Strontium fluoride work?

  Strontium fluoride is a ablaze metal begin by itself as a non-radioactive element. About 99% of the Strontium fluoride in the animal physique is concentrated in the bones.
  Several altered forms of Strontium fluoride are acclimated as medicine. Scientists are testing Strontium fluoride ranelate to see if it can be taken by aperture to amusement abrasion basic (osteoporosis). Radioactive strontium-89 is accustomed intravenously (by IV) for prostate blight and avant-garde cartilage cancer. Strontium fluoride chloride hexahydrate is added totoothpaste to abate affliction in acute teeth.
  A appropriate anatomy of Strontium fluoride alleged Strontium fluoride ranelate can access cartilage accumulation and anticipate cartilage accident if acclimated in postmenopausal women with osteoporosis. It's not accepted if Strontium fluoride independent in comestible supplements has these effects.A radioactive anatomy of Strontium fluoride may annihilate some blight cells. This blazon of Strontium fluoride is not accessible in comestible supplements.There is some absorption in application Strontium fluoride for osteoarthritis because developing analysis suggests it ability addition the accumulation of collagen and cartilage in joints.