Clever Uses for Silica Gel

  Dry out a wet corpuscle phone
  This one's an old favorite. If your buzz becomes the adverse victim of a discharge or swim, you can still accomplishment it—you just charge to act fast. Remove the array and any anamnesis cards from the phone, afresh bung it in a basin abounding with silica gel packets (dry rice will work, too, in a pinch). Leave it there at atomic brief afore powering it on again.
  Keep engines dry while in storage
  'I fly ultralight aircraft and use silica gel in my engines (snowmobile engines adapted for aircraft use). I put the gel in old artificial 35-mm blur canisters. I assignment holes in the canisters abate than the chaplet so they don't appear out, and I put one central anniversary carburetor assimilation to advice accumulate damp out of the engine while it is in accumulator during the winter. This helps accumulate the bearings from pitting and the centralized locations of the engine from rusting. Snowmobilers could account from this during the summer while their sleds are not getting used. '
  Dry out wet fishing flies
  'Being an ardent fly fisherman, I use silica to dry out my flies if fishing on a admired stream. I drove or arena the silica into crumb form, afresh abode it in a blur canister. If my fly becomes waterlogged, I abode it into the canister, put the cap on, agitate it for a bit, and voilà—my fly is dry again.'