What is Antimony Pentafluoride?

Molecular formula: SbF5Molecular weight: 216.7Performance and property:it is very thick and colorless liquid, a kind of fluorinating agent and strong oxidant, toxicUses:widely used in pharmaceutical industry and as conducting materialStorage:warehouse with coverage to avoid sunshine and keep away from explosiveAntimony Pentafluoride, SbF5, was aboriginal appear by Berzelius in 1824, who acquired it by the activity of hydrofluoric acerbic on antimonic acid; for some time the actuality of this admixture was denied, until in 1867 Marignac accepted the after-effects of Berzelius, including the alertness of a amount of bifold compounds. In 1891 Moissan able the admixture by absolute abutment of the elements.

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